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When Should You Apply for a Seasonal Job?

If you are considering taking on a seasonal job, the time to apply is now. Retail hires peak each year in October and November. So why start searching in September? A New York Times article published last year indicated that it takes companies about a month on average (23 business days) to fill a new job. That is why you really need to apply now to be hired a month from now.

Average Retail Hires per Month (Click on image to enlarge.)

Companies such as Kohl’s, UPS, FedEx, and Wal-Mart have all made big seasonal hiring announcements in September. And according to retaildive.com, “many of these jobs will differ from retail positions of years past. Many seasonal positions this year are expected to be at warehouses and in fulfillment as e-commerce shopping increases.”

Update (11/19/2014): Seasonal job postings appear to have peaked last week. So, is it too late to apply for a seasonal job? Not yet. The chart above is still showing a high number of online seasonal job advertisements. As long at the number remains above 80,000, you have not missed your window of opportunity.

Jobs With Search Term Seasonal Rochester

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